Alcohol is safe only if you know your limits

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We talk about everything under the sun while having our regular social drink at home or at the local pub but have we ever talked about the “safe level” of alcohol consumption or have you ever been told about that?
It seems that many of us are unaware of the safe limits of alcohol consumption.
It is important that you know the “safe level” of alcohol consumption as very high levels are clearly harmful to your body and make a dividing line between the safe and unsafe consumption to minimize the damage caused by alcohol to the body.

It is generally agreed that the safe level of alcohol consumption is:

  • Men: up to 21 units a week of pure alcohol
  • Women: up to 14 units a week of pure alcohol (lower because of the lower average body weight of females)

provided that the whole amount is not taken on one occasion and that there are occasional drink free days. (Pregnant women are advised to abstain from alcohol)

1 unit is equivalent to 10ml of pure alcohol / 8g of alcohol.

This corresponds to the following measures, in which alcohol is usually consumed,

  • Half a pint of beer
  • A wine glass of wine
  • A sherry glass of sherry or other fortified wine

Therefore for example the safe level for a man will be an average of 3 half pints of beer a day provided that the whole amount is not taken at once.

Please note that these measures are useful but not precise as the strengths of beers and wines vary. But you can get an idea of the pure alcohol content present in a particular beverage by for e.g.: the label.

It is also advisable to recognize the symptoms of excessive use of alcohol and refer to your family doctor or a physician as soon as possible as treatment is more likely to be successful if they are identified early.

Even if one may not have any physical symptom there are many ways to recognize dangerous use of alcohol (link) and to check whether you are physically or psychologically alcohol dependant needing serious attention.

CAGE questionnaire is one such specific test. It is said that a score of three or more has a specificity of almost 100percent. Make sure you have the liver function tests (LFTs) done and the results explained by a doctor during your regular health check up if you are a regular consumer of alcohol.

Important to note that even though alcohol comes with a safe level smoking does not. Even one cigarette a day is harmful to your body!

It was Shakespeare who said “alcohol increases the desire but takes away the performance”.
At the end of the day it’s your choice, whether to limit your alcohol consumption to the ‘safe level’ or to have as much as you desire but make sure you are knowledgeable of the unpleasant consequences of above the limit alcohol consumption before you make your choice!…

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    Drinking Alcohol is Injurious to health. Please take it Serious.

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    Of course it is not a joke and people are misled by many research done which are indirectly sponsored by the tobacco and alcohol supplying companies falsely claiming benefits of alcohol!..

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