Do you know about nose bleeds?

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It is quite common and most of us have had this experience which probably freaked you out at the time it happened you…In most cases it is trivial and easily controlled but it may also be very severe and life threatening.But what’s important is knowing the right thing to do in such a situation…

If it’s a heavy bleed which is more than just a few patches on your handkerchief and also if you have palpitations and turning pale its best to go to a doctor as soon as possible because this calls for urgent intravenous fluid replacement .

Netdoctor gives us a good explanation of what to do during a nose bleed, it’s safe to sit in an upright position allowing the blood to trickle down and don’t forget to breathe through the mouth otherwise you have a risk of aspirating blood which can be fatal.
It also says that “Do not swallow the blood. It can cause you to become nauseous and vomit, or could conceal a greater blood loss.” In addition to the above swallowing could also dislodge a clot and cause more bleeding.

Bleeding is most commonly from the anterior part of the septum of the nose which is also called as the ‘little’s’ area as it contains a rich plexus of blood vessels, therefore during a nose bleed if bleeding is from this area it is advisable to apply direct digital pressure on the lower nose for about 10 minutes to arrest bleeding. Applying pressure over the root of the nose is useless.

Go to your doctor if you have,
• Heavy bleeding, palpitations turning pale and is feeling weak.
• If the bleeding doesn’t respond to above measures.
• Frequent episodes of nose bleeds.

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